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"Previously, I was embarrassed to smile, especially during business trips and around new clients. Now, however, I am confident and proud of my smile... I have trust and confidence in Dr. Madurowicz's abilities and integrity. The work was one of the better investments that I have made."


Bogdan Madurowicz DDS

"I no longer feel self-conscious about smiling. I love showing my beautiful teeth and now my smile is contagious."


Welcome to the Encinitas dental practice of Dr. Bogdan Madurowicz. The goal of the office is to provide patients with the very best in modern, health-conscious, general and cosmetic dentistry.

Our expert cosmetic dental services include the very finest natural-looking porcelain veneers and expert teeth whitening.

Dr. Madurowicz can also provide a full-mouth rehabilitation, including tooth-colored crowns and bridges permanently anchored to your jaw by the most modern dental implants. Dr. Madurowicz has been located in Encinitas for eleven years; and has 20+ years of experience in restoring comprehensive treatment plans, giving patients back not just radiant smiles, but also healthy, functional teeth, gums, and jaws.

Dr. Madurowicz takes special pride in replacing mercury-based metal fillings with contemporary, chemically inert, white non-toxic fillings, including precision inlays and onlays.

Whatever your dental needs, Dr. Bogdan Madurowicz has the skill, the technology, and, most importantly, the compassion, to provide you with the best of care. Make an appointment at our Encinitas/Leucadia practice today.


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718 N Coast Hwy 101
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